Darkshire In The Woods Information

Darkshire In The Woods starts 23. 6. 2022 afternoon and ends on Sunday 26. 6. 2022 afternoon. Dj stage starts on thursday around 18:00. Darkshire is cash-only event.

The capacity of the “Darkshire Open Air“is limited. If the event doesn’t take a place due to any gov. restrictions in 2022 we will offer you a full refund of your tickets & accommodation (no vouchers).

Tickets are on sale in Go Out network.

3-Day Festival Pass: 60€ incl. all fees
2-Day Festival Pass: 42€ incl. all fees

Buy tickets

A 3-Day ticket allows you to enter the festival grounds on Thursday 23. 6. 2022 afternoon, 2-Day ticket on Friday 24. 6. 2022 afternoon.

The festival pass doesn’t include camping and parking. Tent spots are on sale in our ticket section and it will be also possible to buy tent spots at the venue. There’s enough space for everybody. Parking tickets will be on sale only at the doors. Darkshire is 18+ only event.

Rekreační Zařízení Svatá Kateřina (Recreational Centre St. Catharina) is located near town of Chotěvice 15km away from Trutnov. Please do not confuse this place with Resort Svatá Kateřina, which is an absolutely different place. The venue is located deep in the woods near Krkonošský National Park. We recommend you take with you warm clothes because the temperature can drop dramatically for a short period of time in the morning.

GPS: 50.50159994631578, 15.776261214463991

Tent spots are now on sale. You can take your own food and drinks to the campsite, but please don’t bring glass – pour your liquids into the plastic bottles. You can also take your own grill to the camp. Making an open fire is restricted anywhere but in the designated area. So yes, there will be one central fire. We do not sell tents, please bring your own.

Cabins: You can check in your cabin accommodation with a valid ticket in the tent near the festival entrance. You will fill a short contract and pay 300 czk deposit for a key. Please return the key on Sunday and do not lose it. There is electricity in the cabins.

Darkshire is a cash-only event. There is no ATM in the woods. We do not accept cards. We take also euros (€ = 25 czk). Please take enough cash with you.

There will be well-stocked bars in the event area with premium brands. Please support our bars and bartenders.

More info about depository / lockers will be available in spring 2022.

A local restaurant will be open for you during the weekend, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The campsite offer toilets and showers (10 czk per 5 min). Please do not pollute your surroundings and use the toilet for your needs.

Parking is possible directly in front of the festival area. A small fee will be collected per one car. Please fill your parking card upon arrival.

GPS: 50.50159994631578, 15.776261214463991

Darkshire offers drum & bass main stage, techno forest stage and third day-time pond stage. We are currently negotiating adding more stages.

Direct shuttle buses depart from Prague Hlavní Nádraží station, directly in front of the building on the road heading north to Mladá Boleslav. Find out more info at the bottom of this page.

There are also various options for how to reach the venue with public transportation. From Prague with direct bus from „Černý Most“ – to „Chotěvice“, – to „Trutnov“ (and then by train to Chotěvice), – to Vrchlabí (and then by train to Chotěvice). From „Hradec Králové“ – to Dvůr Králové (and then by bus to Chotěvice), – to Jičín (and then by bus to Chotěvice). From „Mladá Boleslav“ by bus – to „Jičín“ (and then by bus to Chotěvice). If the capacity of public transport to Chotěvice is full you can always use local taxis from Trutnov or Dvůr Králové, or festival taxi transport. All public transportation times can be found at www.idos.cz

Festival taxi will be running all day & night around our venue.


A limited-edition of new Darkshire T-shirts will be available on Darkshire In The Woods.


To be announced approximately 2 weeks before festival


To be announced approximately 2 weeks before festival

Trips around the venue

Short walking circuit (7 km)

Walk with your backpack and enough water behind the techno stage and up on the hill, find out the Buddha Stones, Karolinina Viewpoint. You will find a yellow route here, follow it into the town of Hájemství. Cross the main road and follow the yellow route to the “Hájemství – Osada” where you hit the green road and turn left in the direction of Kocléřov. Just before you enter Kocléřov you will see a beautiful church in the woods “Navštívení Panny Marie”, where you hit the left on the road behind the church and walk towards the festival area on the main road.

Long walking circuit (20km)

Walk with your backpack and enough water for at least 4 hours behind the techno stage and up on the hill, find out the Buddha Stones and Karolinina Viewpoint. Here you will get on a yellow route, start following it into the Debrné. Then you will hit the green route in Debrné, which leads you over the “Martinská Stěna – Wall of Martin” beside the Labe river into the town of Dolní Nemojov and finally to the dam of Lesní Království “Kings Wood Dam”. From the dam, you will head north on the blue route through the “Kings Forest” into the town of Hájemství, where you turn left on the green route following it in the direction of Kocléřov. Just before you enter Kocléřov you will see a beautiful church in the woods “Navštívení Panny Marie”, where you hit the left on the road behind the church and walk towards the festival area on the main road.

By car

10 km south of the venue is the beautiful dam of Les Království (Kings Woods).

20 km north of the venue is the town of Janské Lázně with magnificent “Černá Hora” (The Black Mountain).

30 km north of the venue is the town of Pec Pod Sněžkou with the tallest mountain in the Czech Republic – Sněžka. There is a cable car running up and down.

Direct shuttle buses and restrictions

Departures from Prague central station:
Thursday 23. 6. – 17:00 Bus no. 1
Thursday 23. 6. – 18:00 Bus no. 2
Thursday 23. 6. – 19:00 Bus no. 3
Friday 24. 6. – 17:30 Bus no. 4

Departures from the festival area:
All buses departs 26. 6. at 12:00

The bus stop is right in front of the Prague central train (“Praha hlavní nádraží”) station building, directly on the highway (not in the park below). The bus is waiting a maximum of 5 minutes. It’s forbidden to bring glass bottles to the bus. Please do not consume food and beverages during the trip. If you don’t show, the ticket is no longer valid. Passengers are responsible for any damage caused to the bus company.

GPS SHUTTLE BUS STOP: 50°04’59.9″N 14°26’06.3″E


It’s prohibited to bring weapons, knives, pyrotechnics, graffiti sprays and pens into the event area.

Please do not bring any glass inside the festival area.

It’s forbidden to start an open fire. There is only one central fireplace in the designated area behind the restaurant.

Parking on the main street above the campsite is restricted and will be punished by local police department.

Dogs and other animals are not allowed into the festival area.

Thank you! We are looking forward to seeing you at the next edition of Darkshire!